A few days ago I had sufficient time to hear the world news in the morning, at lunchtime and at tea time. What was astounding, is it was essentially the same news. I cannot believe that on a planet of 8 billion souls there was not enough news to fill those three slots, with something different each time. Of course it takes less effort to repeat, and besides who listens to all three slots.

Many people listen to that news, and it gives them the feeling that they are seeing a summary of the world, an overview, and if that overview does not conflict with their sense of how the world should be, they can be happy and get on with their part in it.

Of course some realise that what they are getting, is just a keyhole view, onto a vast landscape, but still they check it against their their sense of how the world should be, and they carry on, knowing that they have missed some of the picture, but OK with what they have seen.

Now the internet has widened that keyhole to the size of a rabbit hole and so some people would like to close it down . And we say NO.

The "spin doctors" are openly talked about these days. These "spinners of yarns", choose stories carefully, and push them out at the optimal time, so as to make the pie look like cherry pie, when in fact, IT IS MUD PIE.

These spinners of yarn, are creating the invisible cloth, from which the non-existent new cloths of society will be created. But now YOU a small boy and a small girl in the crowd have stood up and said "Look look society has no clothes, look look."

These, “spin doctors” and their friends, are the swindlers of today. They are many of today's politicians, who have little understanding of how to weave the fine cloth of integrity.

They weave in words like "robust" and hope we will all turn away and attend to our own lives. But we are not.

We are here because they have not done their work properly. Because the fine cloth we ordered, is no cloth at all.

Because we are fed up with the spinners and the propaganda they spin for us. We cannot wear it any longer.

Yes of course we cannot understand the full picture, without spending time we do not have, to study it. But it is the duty of our leaders to give us the summary of that picture without distorting that summary to suit their own selfish agenda.

Therefore I think I can speak for all of us when I say - try to lead us not to mislead us - send the spin doctors and those who consult them HOME, restore integrity and plain truth.

The whole speech can be found at www.mydropintheocean.org

"You were probably aware that on 15 October at the corn exchange Rochester the conservative party put its two by-election candidates up for questioning in a PUBLIC meeting but Chris Mason BBC Political Correspondent and Rowena Mason Guardian Political Correspondent were refused entry. Afterwards they were told it was a mistake! I am a little sceptical about how such a mistake can happen."