We might choose not to recall that it was a few hundred years ago that we were confined to our counties unless we had our lords permission to travel to another county. I feel sure these restrictions had many of the same justifications used today that curtail our freedom of migration.

It seems that immigration is being pushed as the root cause of problems today. For example it was suggested some months ago in the papers that immigrants were coming here to exploit our health service. Perhaps who ever wrote that had not visited any hospital recently or they might have found a large number of immigrants providing our health service!

It is very convenient to ignore the contribution to this country made by its immigrant population and simply look at a few negative cases in order to tar the whole group with the same brush. This is particularly convenient at the moment because the majority of failure is down to government mismanagement and a scape-goat is needed.

There is no consideration of emigration or all those enthusiastic Brits going and buying property in Europe and pricing locals out of the market. 

Immigration issues are just one aspect of nationalism a form of discrimination based on nationality. To put it in terms of fashion, "Nationalism is simply the new racism".