Lets get together and stop the rot. Be part of the change. We all sit and say why haven't they sorted out education, health, defence, unemployment, industry etc. Well they haven't and it doesn't look as if they will. So here is a radical proposal..... Why don't we?

I have found in my life that you can change the world, you can make things better but its very hard to do it on your own. Let's get together and take a look at the issues, do the research that the government should do but hasn't and come up with serious answers.

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No one can have not noticed the reappearance of the slogan "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" over the last few years, on mugs, tee shirts, biscuit tins and other household items. Why is this selling so successfully? Because it is expressing something we are all feeling, right now, that in some way that we don't quite understand, the system is failing.

Some people have read my work and say that I am anti-authority or anti-hierarchy or left wing or right wing, but I am none of these. I am simply another person that is tired of government spin. "spin doctors" are openly talked about these days. These "spinners of yarns", choose stories carefully, and push them out at the optimal time, so as to make the pie look like cherry pie, when in fact, IT IS MUD PIE. Read more on Spin

So for me I am not into - left right in out "and you shake it all about" politics. Each issue stands on its own and has to be thought through carefully with those involved.

Since then I have spoken to a lot of people on many topics and assembled some views based on these. Here are a few notes about some important areas and some of the failures in those areas based on the views I have collected.

Naturally given that running this country is something that we really don't have much time to spend on, and in view of the fact that we have paid others to do it for us, the only reason for spending a few hours writing this is to try to give those in politics some nudges in the right direction based on what people around me are telling me about what happens in their homes and work places. Pointers at the issues which seem to be obvious to many people on the ground that have the time or the inclination to look yet they will lose their jobs if they stand up and say what they are thinking. I already risk excluding myself from government money based on my direct and open criticism of government. But I have always said "Criticism is an opportunity for improvement. Praise simply inflates the ego."


Immigration is the decoy to distract us from other important issues. The "Nationalism" on which it is founded, is the new "Racism". The statistics show that immigrants over all contribute a great deal to this country, that the few that take more out than they put in are a minority, as they are in the British population as a whole. Read more on Immigration


Government is failing the people as it succumbs to the lobbyists of private industry, and also as politicians succumb to industries offers of retainers and consultancy fees once they are out of government. This is a form of bribery and needs to be recognised as such. Government needs to root out corruption not hide it as it has done with the expenses scandal be destroying records over three years old. No business would get away with such behaviour. Read more on Government


There is a rapidly approaching energy crisis that is being ignored. The oil companies reckon oil will have run out by 2050. Given that that isn't just fuel for cars but also is used to produce fertilisers that grow our food, unless we begin embracing real low energy consumption and developing real alternative energy sources there will certainly be poverty and possibly real hunger and real death at some point.

There is no future without energy. Unplugging your mobile phone charger and banning 100 Watt light bulbs leads to a tiny energy saving in comparison to that that could be achieved by reducing the weight of cars and trains. Transport being responsible for half the energy consumption of most families.

Low energy lightbulbs are very polluting.

More on Energy


What happened to integrated transport, the idea of synchronising buses and trains etc. Actually using public transport is still a problem due to lack of in information and lack of coordination. Locally Arriva have failed to even provide proper timetables making it extremely difficult to catch a train after a bus ride.

Defence or Offence

The privatisation of the weapons manufacturers, such as BAE, to form organisations driven by profit rather than peace, creates an industry that has an incentive for promoting conflict creating a more dangerous world for us all. I love technology and I love high reliability engineered systems. I believe in the capability of the defence/offence industry's to turn its hand to solving the toughest problem of all. To create a range of weapons that are powerfully defensive and have no offensive capability. Its a tall order but if we don't want to manufacturer the means for WWIII then we need to think defensively.

Winning is not destroying your enemy but turning them into your friend.

Our engineers and our British soldiers, who are on the whole good men and women, are being used in political games.

First we run a covert campaign to destroy Assad in Syria and then we complain when there is radical blowback in the form of ISIS.

In Libya the forces we brought over for training, already out of 90 soldiers 5 raped local women. They are such bad people that the British army have stood up and refused to train them. Other information suggests that this is not an unrepresentative sample of the people we have chosen to support in our manufacturing of "The Arab Spring".

The Guardian Friday 7 November 2014 said;  

The intelligence services have routinely been intercepting legally privileged communications between lawyers and their clients in sensitive security cases, according to internal MI5, MI6 and GCHQ documents.

The information obtained may even have been exploited unlawfully and used by the agencies in the fighting of court cases in which they themselves are involved, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has been told, resulting in miscarriages of justice.

We cannot continue while intelligence services see themselves as above the law.

Read more on Defence or Offence


Rumours abound in Medway Maritime Hospital that the running down of the hospital is deliberate in order to facilitate a cheap sell off into private hands. The deliberate under staffing is a clear indication of this approach. 

Read more on Healthcare


The teachers are tired, not of the national curriculum but the rigid enforcement of it in a one size fits all strategy across the country leading to a lack of diversity in education i.e. "you can have any colour as long as its black". You can have any education as long as its the national curriculum.  Read more on Education


Actually there was a reason for having the banks and building societies separate. Borrowing has gone mad fuelling a hose price boom that house owners love.


Its bad enough being unemployed without being harassed to get a job that isn't there. Government should focus on supporting innovation leading to industry. Not send too many people chasing after too few jobs.

Loss of Democracy  

We like to think we are a democracy and we think we are because we have a party system where we can vote. In fact it takes a great deal more than voting to make a democracy. A thousand years ago In 1215 Magna Carta required King John to proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not arbitrary, that nobody could be imprisoned without charge or trial. Today we are violating that basic principle. Read more on Democracy


Industry is burdened by regulations and employment laws that are more directed at protecting mortgage payments to banks rather than improving efficiency of production of goods or provision of services.


Another display of government foolishness was the setting of arrest targets for police officers. Often targets encourage officers to leave complicated crimes in favour of simple cases, allowing organised crime to flourish.

The Legal System

The legal system is currently in a state of crisis due to a large surplus of lawyers trying to find work leading to earnings being a priority over justice for many of them. Of course there are good lawyers out there whose first concern is justice but the vast majority are cold and exacerbate the conflicts of their clients so as to earn more money.

The result is seen particularly in family law where after the assistance of some courts, families simply getting divorced end up with a total communication failure between the parents, and levels of hatred that leave the children scared for life as the parents they love are encouraged to destroy each other. This is a major failure of the legal system.


The lack of science knowledge leads to the funding of projects based on popular concerns rather than real science i.e. the allocation of money to investigate whether mobile phones caused cancer.

The government has recognised that science is important and now sells it as part of an initiative to promote Science Technology Engineering and Maths or STEM, now throwing away art and design! Art and design are responsible for a great deal of commercial output.

However that aside schools are now encouraged to thrust everyone into these subject no matter how unsuited they are. This is part of the failed "one size fits all" approach foisted on education and based on the false belief that we are all equal, which we clearly are not. We don't even look the same! (More on equality can be found at www.mydropintheocean.org) effectively at best spoiling a wonderful subject for many people and at worst creating large numbers of very poor scientists.


There is a dangerous return of the class system to Britain and I shall summarise it here shortly. I do not blame any one class for the current problems.

the problem is that if you only educate those wealthy enough to pay for it then you are wasting talent. Talent that could have been creating the effective industry that the wealthy need to invest in.

I have written more about class at www.mydropintheocean.org

The Corporations

The set of people that want to blame corporations and profit for the problems of this world are making a terrible blanket judgement. Each corporation as indeed each organisation and finally each person must be judged on their own merits. 


I wrote this rather quickly to express my current feelings based on the information I have.


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