The teachers are tired, not of the national curriculum but the rigid enforcement of it in a one size fits all strategy across the country leading to a lack of diversity in education i.e. "you can have any colour as long as its black". You can have any education as long as its the national curriculum.

It is totally clear that parents want diversity in education from those parents who make exam results a priority to those who are more concerned about creativity.

Schools is one area where the free market could work i.e. letting parents choose and then expanding or closing schools depending on demand. This is effective and democratic.

The current culture with its obsession for Maths and English has wiped out a whole range of important subjects from the curriculum. New subjects like electronics barely even feature in schools today.

The huge amount of paperwork imposed on teachers to satisfy the governments attempts to measure the often unmeasurable has taken away the time that should be spent by teachers on developing material adapted to the children they are dealing with from Chatham an old navel port to the heart of Surrey. 

Education is almost totally non-adaptive with its one size fits all approach where pupils areseperated by age rather than ability in each subject.

Education is plagued by government fashions from year to year. The latest is STEM Science Technology Engineering and Maths. It seams that British design, one of the jewels in the crown of the late 1980s is now non-existent. Another illustration of government is that the range of subjects given priority can be determined by the availability of an effective acronym! Another piece of spinology.

Of course we need STEM but to ignore everything else is a real issue.

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