Defence or Offence

With perhaps one or two exceptions the majority of British soldiers I have met have been people I could respect and sometimes even admire. People whose objective was to avoid conflict not provoke it. I remember my own CO for the short time I was a sea cadet as a very honourable man.

Harry Patch otherwise known as Henry John Patch, born 17 June 1898; died 25 July 2009 at age 111 said something that many would like to ignore "War is organised murder". When he met a German veteran, Charles Kuentz. Patch told the then prime minister, Tony Blair, that nobody during the first world war should have been shot for cowardice. "War is organised murder," he insisted, "and nothing else." He said that, for him, 11 November was "just showbusiness". Instead, "the day I lost my pals", 22 September 1917, was his true remembrance day. Trench dogs had fought over biscuits snaffled from dead men's tunics, and Patch had thought, "what are we doing that's really any different? Two civilised nations, British and German, fighting for our lives."

Of course the wars we have been let into today, the so called Arab spring openly promoted by the West, the opposition and covert campaign against Bashar al-Assad of Syria, who represented no threat to us, and the consequential rise of ISIS are clear failures on the part of the West. The claim this was done for reasons of democracy, given that we ally ourselves with many non-democratic Arab states is just another indication that the public agenda is not the private agenda.

The protest of 2 million people before the second war with Iraq, that was completely ignored (democracy in action?) the ease with which destruction is being unleashed thoughtlessly as a solution to problems leaving bitter hatred against our nation which results in the blow back we are now seeing reflects the ignorance of politicians. China has now taken the moral high ground.

Our government feels no obligation to share with us its true agenda, to secure oil in the Middle East. An agenda that is painfully obvious to all but those who don't want to look.

The prime problem is the belief that this can be done through lies, deceit and war including the possible indirect funding of the Chemical Weapons attacks in Syria for which Assad had no motive yet were put at his doorstep. Such false flag operations have been the backbone of a number of operations.

So yes there are certainly military operations that might not be described as organised murder but ther is a great deal of organised murder also.

This represents an abuse of our the men and women of our forces who enlist to defend this country. It is an abuse of the work of the fine men and women who work in our defence industry which without there consent has become an offence industry.

Patch wrote in his book The Last Fighting Tommy, that "politicians who took us to war should have been given the guns and told to settle their differences themselves, instead of organising nothing better than legalised mass murder". We may not have reached that stage yet but it seems to be getting worse.

The Soldier's Prayer and other Military Matters

Privatising Defence 

Defence involves making weapons and if you make weapons and you are a business, you want to sell more weapons. To sell more weapons you need more conflicts.

The Men on the Ground

Lets make no bones about it some of the best people I have met were soldiers but just like the teachers and the doctors, the government doesn't listen to them.

The Biggest Bomb

Despite soldiers on the ground asking for guns that don't jam and boots that don't melt in the heat, our government still feels, without doing any proper research, that Trident, our nuclear weapon system, provides us with the ultimate defence. Of course its not actually defence at all its simply counter-offence. In other words if some foreign government decides to do something we don't like then we will kill a lot of innocent people and destroy a lot of infrastructure in the country they happen to be in charge of. Naturally the people, that is you and me, are supposed to accept that we are to be used as the chips in this very destructive game. Of course the alternative might be to use precision weapons to kill the foreign government. Even ignoring any morel issues there are a lot better ways to proceed then mass destruction but they are harder to understand.   

The Provocateurs

These is a lot of grumbling about Isis but of course it is conveniently forgotten that actually the "Arab Spring" so elegantly stage managed by the west in order to try to gain control of the middle east and in so doing its oil reserves, involved the orchestrated tearing down of institutions which served to stabilise the Middle East. The extremist people we financed and supported yesterday against as "freedom fighters" are now exercising their freedom to turn their extremism against us and so we now call them "terrorists" and further set out to cure the problem by bombing their countries doing even more damage to the infrastructure on which ordinary people depend.

The question has to be how long can the tax payer continue to pay for the endless covert meddling in foreign affairs in this utterly incompetent manner. Sadly the organisations responsible have little accountability even within their own ranks, let alone to the people whose national interests they claim to support.