This is a site devoted to the topic of social decay in our idiocracy. First let me correct a common mistake. An idiot is not someone with very little brain power as is commonly thought. An idiot is someone without adequate brain power for the task they are trying to perform. Therefore an idiocracy is a society where the leaders have inadequate brain power to lead. Our prime minister or the queen are cases in point. Yes of course they are very nice people and they do their best, but can we afford to run a society on this basis? In truth the queen actually doesn't try to run the country anymore she leaves that to the government so in some respects she has done the right thing but when the government simply can't get it right then what?

The problem is this. To get things done you often need someone to lead, this is simply a matter of fact and in a healthy society people tend to just naturally follow or lead the right people to get the job done. However in an unhealthy society like ours people actually make it their personal objective to lead simply for its own sake. There are courses in leadership as if it was an isolated discipline, as if the captain of a ship needed the same skills as the head of an art department. Well "hello sailor" it just doesn't work like that!

Right now our politicians who are political studies graduates and have no experience of any economically productive activity, are now "leading us" into a state of social decay that it may be hard to recover from.

An extraordinary culture of pretense is beginning to dominate the social landscape like a competition to see which ostrich can bury its head deeper in the sand. Anyone found not pretending is demoted while the most creative promoters of positive fiction are given extraordinary salaries and promoted up.